Independent Istanbul shopkeepers for The Shopkeepers

Selected and interviewed independent shopkeepers in Istanbul (and two Turkish ones in Berlin) for the website The Shopkeepers including:

Homemade Aromaterapi

Istanbul botanical boutiques that prepare their handmade products in porcelain mortars just like the apothecaries from hundreds of years ago. Homemade Aromaterapi carries aromatherapy products for beauty, body and the home made from 100% natural ingredients. Read more


A cozy café and cake design atelier that reflects Berlin’s multicultural essence with an absolutely divine assortment of cakes and tarts. Read more

Wild Heart Free Soul

A sanctuary of Anatolian hand woven textiles where a sense of strong female power is exuded through bold colors and motifs. Fully sustainable and fair-trade, respect lies at the core of Wild Heart Free Soul, this kilim-temple, where authentic pieces of Anatolia’s rich history await to be taken home. Read more


An Istanbul café that looks more like a speakeasy from 1920s New York, Petra serves premium locally roasted coffee, divine homemade pastries and a devoted crowd of Istanbul’s coolest locals. Read more


A secret botanic oasis far from the urban chaos of Istanbul where gorgeous blooms of every kind and plants bring life to the mundane. A flower queen with a heart of gold and a crown made, befittingly, from seasonal flowers. Read more


A womenswear boutique reflecting the elegant style of its impeccably stylish shopkeeper. Fey Istanbul’s timeless garments and vintage accessories will never be out of style because they transcend fashion trends. Read more

Der Liebling

Akin to an ethnic dream that comes to life through natural forms inspired by the cosmos, Der Liebling is like a tiny jewel box from its patterned tiled floor to the giant gold leaves suspended from the ceiling. Read more


The confluence of coffee shop and botanic paradise where jewelry and design objects from local designers are also hidden among the lush succulents and terrariums. Great coffee from the local roastery Petra, detox teas and a damn good brownie. Read more


Tailored suits, colorful bow ties, vintage accessories and other delightful fashionable eccentricities come together at Civan, a shop for men who adore the dapper gentleman look of the past (with a twist). Read more


A tiny florist with an abundant source of style inspired purely by nature’s beauty. Vesaire’s colorful arrangements bring an effervescence of seasonal blooms to Istanbul’s abodes and events. Read more

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