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Photo by Elif Savari Kızıl

When you’re born in one place and then continue to move to another every three to four years, a sense of belonging is not something you’re imbued with. It has its pros and cons. I was born in Salzburg and grew up mostly in Germany, but always spoke Turkish at home with my parents (while I spoke German with my brother). During my pubescence, we moved to Los Angeles, where I received my first introduction to the English language in an ESL class that was held daily in a closet-sized room in my middle school‘s library. From then on, everything was in English, from the completion of my American high school diploma in Berlin to my creative writing classes in college, my master’s degree in journalism to my other master’s degree in teaching English, and as a writer and editor for English language magazines and websites in Istanbul.

In 2015 I decided I had enough of the absurdity that calls itself 9-5 office work and became a freelancer, first traveling the world as a scriptwriter for a documentary about falconry and then becoming a freelance writer for Brownbook. It was during this time that I discovered a love for meeting people and telling their stories; really reveling in the details of other lives quite removed from my own. It was also during this time that I fell in love with a German man (who is now my husband) and after a year of living between Germany and Turkey, I finally moved to Berlin in March 2017 and soon after became a freelance writer for Gestalten.

My desk sits in front of the window in our small Kreuzberg apartment and when I need a break from writing an article or doing a translation, I watch the birds hop around on the branches, or I go out for a run in the forest (something I’m truly grateful for after having lived in concrete jungles for most of my life). I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing. Perhaps, someday I’ll be lucky enough to see my name on the cover of my own book. Let’s see what happens.

Either way, thank you for reading.

If you’d like to contact me please send me an e-mail at: fyalav@gmail.com 

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