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When you’re born in one place and then continue to move to another every three to four years, a sense of belonging is not something you’re imbued with. It has its pros and cons. I was born in Salzburg and grew up mostly in Germany, but always spoke Turkish at home with my parents (while I spoke German with my brother). When I was eleven, we moved to Los Angeles, after which point everything continued in English, including an American high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree in English literature and philosophy, a master’s degree in journalism, and another master’s degree in teaching English.

After more than five years of working for English language magazines and websites in Istanbul as an editor and writer, I became a freelancer, first traveling the world as a scriptwriter for a documentary about falconry and later profiling interesting personalities for Dubai-based independent magazine, Brownbook. I also worked with Copenhagen-based indie publisher A Book From Lind to create an unusual Istanbul city guide, wrote online travel and culture articles for the London-based travel website The Culture Trip, and completed book projects for Berlin-based publisher Gestalten, among other works. After falling in love with a German architect (who is now my husband), I moved to Berlin in 2017.

I’m always open to new collaborations, commissions, and projects so please feel free to contact me at fyalav@gmail.com. I also do translations (DE-EN/TR-EN) and very meticulous proofreading/editing work. 

Thank you for reading.

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