LOST iN Istanbul

Selected, interviewed, wrote and edited the entire content of the LOST iN Istanbul city guide.


A city of contradictions divided by a strait which continues to grow despite its political and economic woes. Endearingly chaotic, the giant Turkish cosmopolis is as historic and nostalgic as it is modern and young.

The city’s main source of inspiration is the entrepreneurial spirit of its young people who bestow the city’s ancient narrative with new life. Old neoclassical city apartments have become ateliers, art galleries and concept stores, former Bosphorus homes are now three-floor restaurants or cocktail bars with a view. From the wealthy Bosphorus coast down through the urbane backstreets of Beyoğlu, to the more bohemian Moda, every neighborhood has its own story and spirit, gaining new purpose with the influx of youthful creativity.

In Istanbul we spoke to a young musician who is reinterpreting classical Turkish music with rock & roll, a drag queen who knows Istanbul’s nightlife inside and out, a chef who scours the country for the best ingredients, a designer who’s bringing back the vintage gentleman look and a musician and entrepreneur couple. It’s easy to get lost in and fall in love with Istanbul.”

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