My Istanbul guidebook

After years of writing about Istanbul, I had the opportunity to gather all my accumulated knowledge about the city in my own guidebook. The 500 Hidden Secrets of Istanbul is a collection of 500 places that each express my endless fascination for a city of stark juxtapositions, which can foster so many opposing emotions, often simultaneously.

The 500 locations are organized into chapters under the themes of food, drink, shopping, architecture, culture and more, with lists of five for each section. My hope is that this book will be a friend to all who want to see Istanbul from an entirely different perspective; exploring quieter backstreets, meeting hopeful and entrepreneurial young people, basking in nostalgia through architecture, and (of course) indulging in the cuisines that define this city of chaos and love.

*Order my guidebook (Europe & US)
*In Turkey, my guidebook is available at Homer Kitabevi and Robinson Crusoe 389

*Second edition coming early spring 2023 

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