The Shopkeepers: Istanbul

Photo courtesy of Petra Topağacı

Founded by designer and consultant Paula Flynn, The Shopkeepers is a curated online collection of beautiful shops from all around the world. I’m very happy to have contributed several features from Istanbul:

Homemade Aromaterapi

“We have more than 300 aromatherapy products that aim to create balance within the mind, body and soul. The Cleansing Hand Scrub, Abundance Essential Oil, Rose Water and Patchouli and Lavender Liquid Castille Soap are some of our most loved products. All handmade in Istanbul…”

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Photo courtesy of Homemade Aromaterapi


“Fifteen square meters with a lot going on. We are a team of people from different backgrounds who have a passion for creativity and, of course, for nature. I think we create simpler and more fluid designs by only using what’s natural. We not only celebrate nature’s beauty, but also embrace its imperfections, which are present in our designs. Because nature is not perfect, and neither are we. We love to challenge ourselves and exceed limitations. All this gives off a certain ‘Vesaire Style’ to our customers…”

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Photo Courtesy of Vesaire


“When I opened Fey, my thoughts were well outside the concept of classic ‘commerce.’ I wanted it to be hidden, a shop visited by those who knew or heard about it rather than those who just walked past it. A‘place,’ and not a ‘store,’ where people feel at ease and find joy whilst browsing…”

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Photo courtesy of Fey

der Liebling

“All der Liebling pieces are made by myself in the atelier, they are then finished by skilled stone setters and polishers in the Grand Bazaar. The semi-precious stones that I use are sourced from all over the world (Brazil, Afghanistan, India and Africa). I try to go at least once a year to India to hand pick my favourite tourmalines and raw diamonds. I only work with fair trade and conflict free diamond dealers…”

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Courtesy of der Liebling

Mitza Yeniköy

” Mitza means, ‘earth,’ in Georgian. I decided on this name because it is the earth that bestows me with the plants I love…Mitza is a flower shop and atelier. However, the services encapsulate everything having to do with cut flowers, dried flowers and potted plants. Apart from that, I also do a lot of floral designs for weddings and events, and sell several works from local designers…”

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Courtesy of Mitza

Petra Topağacı

“Petra Topağacı is a coffee shop but it doesn’t have the visual cues of a modern coffeeshop. It is basically a French/New York style bar but serves delicious freshly roasted premium coffee. We call the shop our neighbourhood cafe because we designed the space so that it targeted people who lived in the area and the design details were created so it looked like a cafe that was already there before it opened its doors…”

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Courtesy of Petra Topağacı


“Müz was inspired by extraordinary plants, minimalist materials and natural items. Its store was designed with a similar approach:a place where you can find a carefully collected selection of terrariums, flowerpots, gardening tools, and accessories…”

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Courtesy of Müz


“The idea behind the shop was very unique, we wanted to bring a concept of bespoke men’s fashion that hadn’t really been done before in Istanbul…We’re famous for our tailored suits, design shirts and bow ties…”

Read the full Q&A

Photos courtesy of Civan

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