My Istanbul Guidebook


The 500 Hidden Secrets of Istanbul is not your typical city guidebook, it’s more of an homage to the multifaceted traits that make Istanbul so unique. So you won’t come across the usual touristic hotspots or venues that have already been written about exhaustively. Instead, in this book, you will find underappreciated historic architecture exuding the city’s long and multicultural past. You’ll find restaurants where local chefs are reinterpreting Turkish cuisine, but also modest backstreet restaurants where traditional dishes are served with a loving consistence.

This book will guide you to the bars where Istanbul’s younger generation sips on craft cocktails, as well as to all the places they head to later in the evening, to dance or to listen to live music. You’ll learn where to go to admire more modern architecture, and you’ll discover the places where the most interesting artistic and cultural projects are exhibited and celebrated. You’ll be recommended to hop on the ferry and explore Kadıköy (the Asian Side), especially the young and bohemian Moda neighbourhood. And when you need a break from the city’s beloved chaos, this book will tell you where to go on the islands.

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Istanbul is a book for inhabitants and visitors, but most of all it’s one local’s love letter to the city.

About the Author

Feride Yalav fell in love with Istanbul in 2011 whilst sitting beneath the Galata Bridge and watching the old ferries glide across the Golden Horn. Ever since then she has been exploring Istanbul and writing about her discoveries for local and international publications.

From neighbourhood profiles to in-depth interviews with eccentric personalities to reflections on the city’s effervescent culture, cuisine and history, Istanbul has been a source of seemingly endless inspiration for Feride. It has also been an enigma that continually divulges something new, because Istanbul is a place where opposites somehow create a delicate balance. Istanbul is ancient and it is young, it is confounding and irritating but also breathtakingly beautiful. And even in the moments when she’s exhausted from its crowds and its noise, Istanbul always presents Feride with another beguiling morsel that allows her to continue exploring and sharing.

With this book, Feride hopes that you will also fall in love with Istanbul, a city that is inherently unfathomable and often maddening, but always profoundly inspiring.

*To buy my guidebook please visit the official website

*Second edition with more than twenty new venues to be released May 2020

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