The Shopkeepers: Berlin

Courtesy of Dilekerei

Founded by designer and consultant Paula Flynn, The Shopkeepers is a curated online collection of beautiful shops from all around the world. I’m very happy to have contributed several features from Berlin:


“Dilekerei has, since its beginnings, been known for its cakes and other pastries. We began by producing bespoke wedding cakes and expanded into a café space. Over the past few years, Dilekerei has increasingly spoken to a unique and yet growing group of diverse European creatives in both its products and space. It remains a family-run business that has grown organically through the support of our customers. It was founded with little savings and apart from a midi private loan no financial injection has been made into the company.”

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Wild Heart Free Soul

“Wild Heart Free Soul is a place you can immerse yourself in another world. As soon as you enter the store, you feel a very special atmosphere, an uplifting and at the same time mystical energy. It comes from the smell of natural sheep’s wool, the bright colours of Anatolia and the meaningful symbols of the nomadic tribes. Especially women feel comfortable and secure here. Not least because the kilim tradition has been preserved for thousands of years by the nomadic and farmer women of Anatolia. Also because in almost every kilim you can find symbols of feminine power and fertility-like the symbol of the Mother Goddess. In addition to the shop, we organize numerous events and workshops every week in the Kilim Temple. These include workshops on weaving and natural dyeing, Kundalini Yoga, meditation, exhibitions and concerts with oriental instruments…”

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Lit Lab Berlin

“Lit Lab encapsulates the visceral social connection humans have between olfaction, time, emotions, and memories. Lit Lab hosts a gallery of more than 100 scents for friends, lovers, travelers, and family to explore and stimulate their sense of smell, ultimately to create a bespoke fragrance intended to capture a moment in time that is reminiscent of each other. The fragrance is paired with a hand-crafted concrete candle that captures the essence of the Bauhaus movement and the Japanese art form of Kintsugi…”

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The Greens

“The Greens is not just a simple café. It is our feel-good oasis in the middle of the city at the location of the Alte Münze (a former coin pressing factory in Berlin Mitte, which was converted into an interdisciplinary and communal space for art, culture, events and young creatives)…”

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Courtesy of The Greens


“Schwesterherz is an endearing nickname in German used for one’s sister, the literal translation is ‘sister heart.’ I chose this name because this is how my brothers refer to me…Our best selling items include our large selection of greeting cards and wrapping paper, as well as a fine selection of accessories for the home…”

Read the full Q&A

Courtesy of Schwesterherz

Type Hype

“Type Hype combines sustainable handmade manufacturing and the metropolitan lifestyle of Berlin with customized designs from A to Z…We only offer products we designed ourselves, were made by small companies we know personally and the finest food from carefully selected organic, regional producers…”

Read the full Q&A

Courtesy of Type Hype Berlin

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